An Author’s Quest…

It was bound to happen –

even as Milan stood mutely (not really) behind the counter at an Orlando convenience store selling unmentionable items to unmentionable clientele in the 1990’s, then moved to the Boston area and gratefully began teaching dimple cheeked little kindergartners for another 10 years…she was quietly building arsenal for that inevitable novel.

Oddly enough, the arsenal is untouched and what she has finally written is an ode to her daughter, who is now in college, as a reminder to remain strong through all obstacles.  Women should be allowed to create their own destinies and should know they are a valuable asset to our world.

Milan has a son too, who has taught her, through example, never to lose her equanimity (it’s a work in progress),  and the meaning of ‘it’s OKAY.”

And let’s not forget her husband, who has with a quizzically raised brow, supported Milan with endless hugs as she typed and word processed her way through reams of paper, piles of ink cartridges, and enough rejections to wallpaper her house. She is currently endeavoring to create more wallpaper.

You can help girls like Shilpi…

Educating girls is one of the most effective ways in which to raise the standard of living in a community. Yet, in most third world countries, girls are exactly the ones not receiving an education – being forced into early marriages, or forced to work in sweat shops, or simply denied because they are girls.

Empowering Women!

Malala Yousafzai was shot by the Taliban for wanting an education, another young woman was raped and murdered in Delhi as she rode the bus home from college. These are just the stories we hear about on the news…most never get reported.

A Year of Starless Nights

YSN Front

Shilpi is thirteen and has plans for her future: to become a doctor like Ms. Laxmi, who tutors her and her friends at the train platform where they beg for money.

Her parents have an entirely different plan: to wed her to the first man that agrees, never mind that he’s older than anyone she’s ever seen in her life…ever.

She can’t give up  on her dreams though, no matter how unrealistic they are.  Shilpi intends to find her way around every obstacle that presents itself, the biggest one being her nasty stepdaughter.

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