About Me


D.S. Milan has been writing for years – but she only recently began rewriting and asking fellow writers to disentangle her tangled words.  Stories emerged, voices emerged and characters were realized into existence…characters that would not be silenced.

Her first published young adult novel is A Year of Starless Nights.  This is the story of Shilpa, she challenges the oppressive customs or her village when she finds her dreams ruthlessly pushed aside. Filled with ideas from the Bollywood movies she adores, can she find a path forward? 

The second is a riveting historical fiction which reveals the depths to which humanity will contort itself to achieve what it believes are worthwhile objectives….just when we think we have learned our lessons. Read Supreme Human to learn more than you wanted to know about the aftermath of what happened to children right after World War II. But she has written for magazines that  nourish young minds, including: Highlights, Cricket,  and Stepping Stones.

Now, with the distraction of two dogs to keep her from concentrating, she determinedly  continues to attempt the writing and rewriting of several other masterpieces.

Her children have left for college, nodding their heads in confusion; her husband remains behind, despite his doubts. She loves him for it.




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